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About Acne

Acne occurs commonly, affecting approximately 85% of young people and typically begins in puberty, though it may appear first at 25 years or older.

Acne lesions may be painful and last weeks to months and are often worse in fall and winter. Occlusion of the skin surface with greasy products, clothing, and sweating can worsen acne. Diet, sunlight, and skin hygiene have all been implicated in acne.

Lesions can occur on the face, neck, trunk, upper arms, and buttocks. There are different types of lesions such as comedones, papules and papulopustules, and nodules or cysts.

Mild acne is typically treated using topical antibiotics or topical retinoids. Moderate acne is typically treated using topical medications as well as oral antibiotics. Severe acne can be treated by adding a systemic treatment such as isotretinoin.

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